Drizzle a little Patagonian Jam over salmon or a plump fish fillet, bake in the oven and out comes a fish dish sweetly flavoured with a tomato, lime and chilli ‘glaze’

Blend a few dessertspoons of Patagonian Jam with a little olive oil and thyme, moroccan or Cajun spices, salt & pepper, in a large bowl.  Tip some chicken wings or thighs, and stir to coat evenly with the sticky mixture.  Tip it all out onto a baking sheet and bake for about 35-40 mins in a moderate oven for a crispy dish of chicken to serve with dips, salads or alone!

Serve delicious Patagonian Jam with crab-cakes, noodles and shellfish for a sweet kick of chilli.  Also great drizzled over stir-frys and pasta

For a simple snack or appetiser, spread mini-toasts or ciabatta breads with a little smoked trout or salmon pate,  some watercress and top it all with a drizzle of Patagonian Jam. Decorate with a sliver of lime for artistic effect!  Wait for applause….

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